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Volunteering abroad is an exciting and extremely fulfilling way to travel. Voluntary work abroad helps you become a responsible tourist and gives you the chance to make a positive contribution to countries you visit.

Travelling on a career break is a privilege that many people throughout the world will never be able to experience - and voluntary work abroad is a brilliant way to ‘give something back' to those less fortunate than yourself.

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South Africa Literacy Volunteers

This is a great opportunity to experience the real South Africa in a small community near Cape Town, as well as making a massive difference to children’s lives by helping them to reading. Not only is this a very rewarding project but you will also be helping towards a generation of children build a brighter future.

Big cat conservation Namibia

Volunteering on this programme gives you an exciting and rare opportunity to work with and care for the animals of Africa on a daily basis. You will look after numerous species, ranging from baboons and meerkats to lions and cheetahs, helping to feed, care and clean them, while also maintaining the centre’s enclosures and grounds.

Wildlife volunteering in Borneo

A unique opportunity to interact with the only great ape outside of Africa, the orang-utan. Take part in volunteer work in Borneo to help protect this highly endangered species from extinction.

China Giant Panda Conservation

Assist in a giant panda sanctuary and help to save this incredible species from extinction. You will be involved in feeding and observing the pandas, as well as the opportunity to help with important research projects.

Teaching in a local school in Nepal

Make a difference to the lives of underprivileged communities in Nepal. This volunteer project gives you the chance to work as childcare centres giving children opportunities they may not have had before, or, work alongside local builders on vital construction projects.

House Building in Guatemala

Give an impoverished family the keys to a house you’ve just built for them. You’ll be working to build safe, solid houses to replace their cardboard shelters. An extremely rewarding project - no building experience needed.

Wildlife Sanctuary

Based in a truly stunning part of this fascinating country, volunteers choosing this project have the unique opportunity to develop their knowledge about native Australian wildlife.


This programme is a unique opportunity to see one of the world’s most bio-diverse destinations and combine volunteering, travelling and environmental conservation in one incredible trip!

Support young children in South America

Make a real difference to the lives of disadvantaged children and adolescents who have grown up in some of Cusco's poorest areas, working in daycare centres, boys' homes, schools and orphanages.

Teaching the children how to read

Help meet the need for teachers on a spectacular island. Teach English and music, crafts, sports or foreign languages – whatever you feel comfortable with. A great way to contribute while learning about a new culture.

Moldova Orphanage Volunteers

This is an opportunity for volunteers to help educate, play and entertain these children using your creative skills. Volunteers are needed to simply provide the love and attention that these children crave.

Conservation time!

Enjoy the great outdoors in a land down under. Help preserve Australia's most precious resource - it's beautiful environment which helps attract so many visitors each year.

Help disadvantaged children in Bolivia

Give the vulnerable and disadvantaged children of Bolivia, new skills, confidence and the opportunity to have fun. Help to organise creative activities from painting and drawing to dancing and sports, volunteers can also lend a hand with the running of the centre in the kitchen, serving meals and keeping things spick and span.

Travel New Zealand

This conservation project in New Zealand is a great way to see the sights of New Zealand whilst giving something back by protecting the stunning environments of this fantastic destination.

Ecuador Street Children Care And Education

Brighten up the lives of children who are largely left to fend for themselves. Organise activities, encourage them to keep healthy and show them someone cares. You’ll also be supporting children who attend school.

Volunteer work in Uganda

Uganda has one of the highest orphan populations in the world. Volunteers are desperately needed to help improve the lives of vulnerable and orphaned children in this area.

Work with Cambodian children

Be a role model to children who were born into poverty. Draw up lesson plans and teach academic subjects. Your presence and encouragement will help them towards brighter futures.

Teach Disadvantaged Children

Help children in Ecuador acquire the skills and knowledge they need to secure a job. Work with other volunteers to develop lesson plans, then give your own lessons in English, sports or the arts.


Become a valued member of the local community, by offering your teaching skills to the children of Surin.

Sri Lanka Sea Turtle and Community Volunteers

Assist in the local community and help to protect and conserve these endangered turtles in Sri Lanka. Volunteers will get involved in cleaning, feeding and releasing the turtles and by doing so, increase their chances of survival. You'll also spend time interacting with the locals to improve their English speaking skills.

Teach and Care for Communities

Make a valuable, long lasting contribution to a village in Guatemala. Give the children some basic lessons in English, maths, computing or crafts, or help with healthcare.

Volunteer with Elephants

This conservation project in the Namib desert is about getting out into the field and really making a difference at the forefront of elephant conservation. This is your chance to get involved in vital elephant conservation in Namibia.

Mozambique Whale Shark Conservation

The Whale Shark is the world’s largest living fish, and the idea of seeing them up close is either scary or exhilarating, depending on whom you talk to. Volunteers on this project will be able to learn about and observe the behaviours of the whale sharks off the coast of Mozambique, during many scuba diving sessions.

Orphans in a class

Give orphans in Siem Reap the care and attention they deserve in this stunning part of the world. Help the children with tuition during the week and see the amazing temples of Angkor and much more in your free time.

Costa Rica Care For Vulnerable Children

You’ll be invaluable to the over-worked leaders at adoption and care centre’s in Costa Rica. By helping out at these centres you will be providing these abused, neglected and orphan children the chance to smile again by giving them the care and attention they deserve, while you’ll also get a rare insight into Costa Rican life.

Volunteer with disadvantaged children

Children with mental or physical disabilities are able to receive essential treatment for free at the centre. Volunteer help is highly valued.

Andes Animal Rescue centre

Volunteer to help to rehabilitate injured and abused animals from all over Ecuador. This project is a fantastic opportunity to work with exotic wildlife and to safeguard the future of many endangered species.

Protect the Black Rhino

Live and work on a safari ranch, helping with efforts to protect black rhino, elephants, buffalo and more. Assist with anti-poaching measures, look after rhino, help with training elephants and get a feel for the real Africa.

Building a house

Change the lives of the underprivileged children and adults of this South-West Zambian community by working on various volunteer projects. From building homes, assisting with medical care and lending a hand with education you can put your skills to the best possible use and explore the African wilds on a Botswana bush camp and safari!

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